List of Alumni

Budoor ALMUBARTI (Bahrain, 2018). MA Thesis: “Tea Orthodoxy and Variant Practices in Fukuoka: The Influence of Kyoto Grandmasters”

Steven APOTHEKER (2016). MA Thesis: “The Promotion of a National Museum in Kyushu: Local Support and Key Turning Points”

Maria del Carmen Georgina CAMACHO MONTERO (2016). MA Thesis: “Educating Hakatakko 博多っ子: Language Planning, Dialect and Identity in Hakata Elementary School”

Pieter CREYTENS (2014). MA Thesis: “Hakata Gion Yamakasa: A Tradition Adapting to the Times”

Minori EGASHIRA (2017). MA Thesis: “The Life and Legacy of Takenouchi Hisakazu (1853-1916): Changing Assessments of Japanese Sculpture in Modern Japan”

Grace Fisher GALIE (2014). MA Thesis: “The Eighth-Century Shūkongōjin Statue of Tōdaiji’s Hokkedō: Approaching Old Questions With New Research”

Jemma GALLAGHER (U.S.A., 2018). MA Thesis: “Mindfulness in Japan: An Evolving History”

Sierra Skye GYSLER (2017). MA Thesis: “Howl as a Tengu in Miyazaki Hayao’s Howl’s Moving Castle”

Kurtis Towers HANLON (2015). MA Thesis: “The 913 Teijiin Utaawase: A History, Translation, and Fresh Look at an Early Japanese Poetry Competition”

Mary HANNAHAN (2019). MA Thesis: “Analysis of the Zenkōji sankei mandara through the institutional motivations that likely led to its creation and composition”

Xiaoyang HAO (2014). MA Thesis: “Portrayals of Oda Nobunaga from the Late Sixteenth to the Nineteenth Century”

Hiro Mitsuo HAYASHI (2014). MA Thesis: “An Analysis of Sata Ineko’s The Shade of Trees and Its Bearing on Post-War Understanding of the Atomic Bomb”

Mason JOHNSON (2016). MA Thesis: “Three Waves of Scholarship: Changing Perspectives on Chōgen’s Journeys to China”

Kavitha Sangeetha KALAIVANAN (2019). MA Thesis: “Examination of setsuwa in relation to their audiences through an exploration of the language, structure, and presentation style”

Elizabeth Jane KOCHINSKI (2015). MA Thesis: “Kyushu, Kami, Court: The 749 Transfer of Hachiman from Usa Shrine to Tōdaiji Temple”

Romanca KOPACKOVA (2014). MA Thesis: “The Fukuoka Asian Art Museum (福岡アジア美術館): Its History, Future and the “Beauty of the Horse Mackerel””

Yuhan LI (2013). MA Thesis: “Writings on Onmyōdō: An Analysis of Hoki Naiden, Volume 1”

Ru LIN (2013). MA Thesis: “The Sentence-Final Particle Wa in the Kansai Dialect”

Tingting LIU (2015). MA Thesis: “English Influences on Japanese: Gairaigo and Wasei Eigo”

Lindsey MITCHELL (2019). MA Thesis: “Uchina-Yamatoguchi versus Uchinaguchi: The Role of Language within the Okinawan Identity”

Caroline Ann OAKLEY (2015). MA Thesis: “Nihonga Now: Continuity and Innovation in Contemporary Japanese-Style Painting”

Catherine Miki OTACHIME (2017). MA Thesis: “Visualizing the Sounds of Eternal Bliss: Representation of the Celestial Music of Amida's Descent in a Twelfth-Century Raigō Painting”

Yiwei PAN (2015). MA Thesis: “Water in Eighth-Century Japanese Gardens”

Greg SATTLER (2019). MA Thesis: “Japan’s early private traders: the lives and activities of overseas merchants, ca. 810–1126”

Xue “Alessandra” SHENG (2019). MA Thesis: “From Ink to Silk: Pictorial Embroidery in the Meiji Period”

Snorri Birkir SNORRASON (2019). MA Thesis: “The categorization of Kakinomoto Hitomaro’s poetry in scholarship”

Sierra Spender Fredet SROKA (2013). MA Thesis: “A Sociolinguistic Investigation of Attitudes Towards Japanese Women Who Use “Feminine” and “Masculine” Language”

Noni STEPHENSON (2019). MA Thesis: “Questioning the historical accuracy, intent and motivations for the depiction of Iwai no Ran as a ‘rebel’”

Giovanny Paiz TORRES (2013). MA Thesis: “Japanese Stereotypes of Mexican People, and Their Variations in Japanese Corpora and Two Different Generations”

Patty WU (2019). MA Thesis: “Decoding Hiroshige’s 100 Famous Views of Edo”

Hongyi Kyle” YANG (2019). MA Thesis: “The movement and construction of Daianji, 639-752”

Wenjing (Claire) YANG (2017). MA Thesis: “Money, Power, and Authority: Go-Kashiwabara's Enthronement Ceremony in 1521”

Yizhi ZHOU (2016). MA Thesis: "The Idealized Monk: A Study of Ganjin’s Earliest Hagiographies”

Visiting Research Students

Diamante WATERS (Courtesy student, PhD candidate, UC Santa Barbara; Religion)
Transcription of religious text on kegare & social impurities