Jason Mark Alexander (Second-year MA student, History)
Early twentieth-century assimilation and discrimination of Korean coal miners in Fukuoka

Indra Bayu (Second-year MA student, Linguistics)
Code-switching in written conversation on social media among Indonesian native speakers who live in Japan

Alex Evans (First-year MA student, Monbukagakusho; History)
Socio-economic history of monzenmachi development

Lachlan “Lachie” Hill (Second-year MA student, Art History)
The Visual Hermeneutics of Chosen Karatsu

Roisin Lacey-McCormac (First-year MA student; Art History)
Premodern Buddhist icons from the Heian and Kamakura periods: Focusing on the origins and reception of ‘hibutsu’ and living icons

Zitao Li (Second-year MA student, Literature)
Literature and Performance: A Comparative study of Noh and Zaju

Raditya Nuradi (Second-year MA student, Religion)
Representations of Shinto in anime and how it reflects spirituality in modern Japan

Arisha Satari (First-year MA student, Monbukagakusho; Art History)
Research on the furniture industry in the Meiji period

Joppe Vermeyen (Second-year MA student, Religion)
Conflicts between the Heian period clergy and their connections to the nobility

Bryan “Alex” Wood (Second-year MA student, Literature)
The origins of chanoyu and its emergence as a quintessential aspect of Japanese identity in contemporary society