Our program is located on the new Kyushu University Ito Campus, situated on the beautiful Ito peninsula in greater Fukuoka city. Our building (East Zone, Section B) stands on top of the hill on the east side of campus. Our faculty offices and seminar room are on the fifth floor (E-B-501 to E-B-508).


Ito Campus Address:
Motooka 744, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka
福岡市西区元岡 744

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Subway & Bus from Fukuoka Airport:
Kuko Line: Board a train bound for Nishi Karatsu or Chikuzen Maebaru→Kyudai-Gakkentoshi Station→Showa Bus→Ito Campus (bus stop: Kyudai East Zone/九大イーストゾーン). We are in the main building (Section B) in view from the bus stop.
Time: 50-60 minutes.

Bus from downtown (Hakata or Tenjin Station): Nishitetsu Bus→Ito Campus (bus stop: Big Orange). From the bus stop, walk down to the base of the hill, cross the main street dividing campus and walk up to the top of the hill.
Time from Tenjin: 50 minutes with smooth traffic.
Time from Hakata: 60 minutes with smooth traffic.