Affiliated faculty in the Faculty of Humanities:

Yu Gloria YANG  Art History                                         Edmundo LUNA  Linguistics

Satoshi IMAZATO  Geography                                     Akio ONJO  Geography

Tomoyuki KUBO  Linguistics                                         Kazuhiro SHIMIZU  History of Islamic Civilization

Kazuo MIYAMOTO  Archaeology                                  Michinori SHIMOJI  Linguistics

Yoshiaki NAKAJIMA  Asian History                               Akihiko TAKAGI  Geography

Affiliated faculty in the Faculty of Humanities admit qualified IMAP and IDOC students into English-instructed courses. These include Japanese Archaeology, Geography of Kyushu, The Ryukyuan Languages: An Introduction, Phonetics and Phonology of Japanese, and History of Islamic Civilization.

Students with advanced Japanese language skills may additionally enroll in courses relevant to their research or interests offered by other departments and programs at Kyudai contingent upon approval by the student’s advisor and instructor of the course.