The Many Shapes of Meaning:
Objects and Performance Across Time in Asia

Conference - December 6-8, 2019
Kyushu University Itō Campus, Jonathan KS Choi Cultural Centre

This conference explores the circulation of material objects and performance cultures throughout Asia. Material objects and structures will include buildings, statues, paintings, and crafts; performance cultures will include theatrical genres, musical styles, and embodied practices in a variety of spatial and temporal contexts. We will bring together top researchers from around the world with different academic backgrounds, including art historians, literary scholars, musicologists, performance studies scholars, ritual practitioners, and historians.

Alongside a lecture series hosted previously during the academic year 2018, the most suitable papers from this conference will be published in a special issue of The Journal of Asian Humanities at Kyushu University (JAH-Q), a peer-reviewed (査読) English-language international journal by the Faculty of Humanities.

This conference is supported by the 2018–19 AY Challenge type 3, Progress 100 (Invitation program for top global researchers) RINK Research Hub for the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Interdisciplinary Studies, Kyushu University grant, The Many Shapes of Meaning: Object and Performance in Asia Across Time.

この講座シリーズは、九州大学・世界トップレベル研究者招へいプログラム(Progress 100: 人社系学際融合リサーチハブ形成型)の環として開催するものです。

List of Speakers / 発表者

Judith Zeitlin University of Chicago

John Carpenter Metropolitan Museum NY

Peter Yeoh

Andrea Castiglioni Nagoya City University

Takeshi Watanabe Wesleyan University

Wu Hung University of Chicago

Eike Grossmann Hamburg University

Naoi Nozomi Yale-NUS College

Paul Atkins University of Washington

Claire Brisset Université de Genève

Michael Dylan Foster University of California-Davis

Youn-mi Kim Ewha Woman's University

Kristopher Kersey UCLA

Keiko Suzuki Ritsumeikan University

Michael Jamentz Kyoto University